Friday, February 2, 2007

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

january 8th

my first day back to school...i dont like school and im pretending to do my work while my aunt runs around with her camera [notice the look on my face]
i do love her!

january 7th

this is us after the pic below and b4 the dance

this is one of my dearest and closest friend samii rae!
we are CRAZY!! we have known of each other since we were like 5
she danced at the same studio but different location
we were and are each others competition
although we werent friends before we are now family
i dont know what i would do with out her
she is the reason im applying for colleges and has helped me to become a better person
[this picture was taken before a trinity dance where we got ready too soon and needed to take care of some time..]

january 6th

this is alex..we are "talking" he is a jr at st.X in chess club...and all sorts of other things..he is the assistant director for his school play Beauty and the Beast..he drives! resites shakespear to me and is all around a great person..

january 5th

us kids playin wit the bubbles!! no matter how old i get that will always be lots of fun

my mom and grampy waiting to cut the cake!

my moms 36th birthday

january 4th

my best friend becca and i...we met in 6th grade at all saints episcopal camp and have been friends since..we became our closest around 8th grade..this pic was taken when we went up to chi town to see king tut wit her family..

January 3rd

my dance family
ive pretty much grown up wit all these people..
there are a few missing but this is my family beyond family
im with them all the time and love them to death